Victoria River District Conservation Association

The Victoria River District Conservation Association (VRDCA) is a pastoral based land management group.  Located in the Victoria River District (VRD), Northern Territory, the Association’s area of activities covers 140,000 km2 across two bioregions and 17 catchments. We are a non-Government, not for profit group who lobby for funding to support members in natural resource management. Members and affiliate stakeholders, particularly pastoral and indigenous landholdings, benefit directly from VRDCA’s activities through one-on-one and regional conservation projects that deliver, social, economic and environmental benefits.

Our projects

VRDCA has been very successful in attracting funding for many projects helping to achieve a more resilient landscape and awareness of natural resource management best practice within the region. Projects add to the capacity building of the local and wider Territory community.

Working together for a better future

VRDCA takes pride in being a community-focused group with vision, purpose and drive to achieve real results. The Association works in collaboration with government bodies, geographically-linked land care groups and private organisations to deliver cost effective, long-term environmental outcomes for members.

VRDCA is passionate about creating a better future for the next generation of land managers. By working together and a commitment to take positive action, VRDCA is making a difference to the environmental, social and economic value of the region.